Dances can be a lot of fun and we encourage all students to come and participate.  These are a few things that we wanted to pass along regarding dances in order to help make it a good experience for all involved:

  1. All LMS dances take place from 7:00 – 9:00 PM.
  2. Drop off and pick up for dances is on the west side of the building (where the gym and auditorium doors are located).  Please be prompt with pickup after the dance.
  3. The cost of admission for all dances is $5.
  4. A concession stand is available during the dance.  It will be located in the common area between the gym and auditorium.  Students are not allowed to have soda or candy in the gym where the dance is held.
    1. The school dress code and all other school rules are applicable to dances.
    2. Students need to be present during the school day in order to attend a dance.
    3. Only students from Lansing Middle School are allowed to attend the dance.
    4. Students are not to leave the dance once they have entered the building.  Students can only leave during the dance if a parent talks to a chaperone and picks them up.  Unless prior arrangements have been made with administration, a parent may only pick up their child during the dance itself.  Students may leave with other parents after the dance is over.